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  • Develop website for Mineola School District

  • Develop website for the Glen Cove School District

  • Develop website for the EJ Autism Foundation

  • Re-design website for Trojan Powder Coating

  • Viable Visions offers a wide range of computer and professional services for your business. We can provide in-home computer training meeting your personal needs. With over 20 years of comprehensive experience in Computer Information Systems and Computer Technology, Viable Visions can deliver quality work at practical prices. In today's market we realize costs for business development must be kept at a practical level. Bottom line revenues must be used more reasonably then before. By keeping our overhead low we are able to pass the savings onto our clients allowing professional yet affordable pricing. Viable Visions understands this and can offer Web Development Services as well as Training Development at minimal costs to you.

  • Viable Visions worked with the Mineola School District to redesign the site incorporating some existing technology with a new look.

  • Viable Visions worked with the Glen Cove School District to redesign the site. We also had to impliment a way to Content Manage certain parts of the website without adding extra costs to the project. We are still working with the district updating the rest of the site.

  • Viable Visions worked with Beatrice Huste founder of the EJ Autism Foundation to come up with a website that would be cost effective for the charity. We continually maintain the website at no cost to the organization.

  • Viable Visions worked with Trojan Powder Coating to come up with a conept to help promote a new type of cutting edge technology in the Powder Coating Industry.

  • We now offer customized menus with nice dropdown effects. Click here to see an example of our latest design.

    We also create slideshows for clients looking for a nice way to display images. Click here to see an example of one of our newest slideshow.


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